How to make your partner miss you in a distance relationship

Being in a distance relationship is not easy to be honest, distance is another point to relativize. Keep in mind that it won’t last. One day or another, things will change, and you will finally live with your partner.

Most people think that long distance relationship is just wasting of time because the percentage of failure is higher than success, you may need a commitment from both of you to make this relationship works.

Before you think about how to make him miss you while he’s away, it’s important to determine if it’s worth it to commit to a long distance relationship, in the beginning.
Granted, that’s not something anyone likes to hear. We’d all like to think that love will find a way, regardless of the circumstances. Unfortunately, it’s often too hard to maintain a connection, without physically being in each other’s presence on a regular basis.
After a while, the benefits simply don’t outweigh the negatives. Part of the excitement of a long distance relationship, is the anticipation of seeing each other again, the steamy reunions and the fulfillment of feeling like absence really does make the heart grow fonder. While this is true, you’ll never get to actually feel it, if you never see each other.

You have to still communicate with him, you have to talk with him at least everyday even is just a single call, but don’t call him every second. Make sure you have a long and good conversation every time you in phone with him or video call.
You can discuss about your future plan together, play games together, talk about what you will do if you see him now, remember about your first date or any special things you have to do together, arrange a vacation trip together, discuss about politics or any interesting topics, send a cute picture of you to make him miss you, send some gift, wish a simple good morning and good night, or anything. Just don’t constantly texting or calling him, he will not have a time to think about you. He probably will not miss you so much.

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Stay involved in his life and listen to him, Though they might come across as a person who is in control, men do need assurance from time to time. Let him know that you are always there for him no matter how far he is and you will always support him. Talk to him about his life, such as his study, work or family stress that might be affecting his state of mind. Just be there and listen to him talk so that he can be reassured that you are there for him always. Let him know that you love him and miss him. Hearing you say these words will only make him miss you more.

Send him pictures to make him miss you, Send him sweet pictures of you to make him think about you. There might be certain kinds of clothes that he may want to see you in. Indulge in his fantasies and tease him by sending raunchy pictures of you in various costumes to make him go crazy and to miss you. But be sure that you really trust your boyfriend before doing this. Only do so if you are comfortable enough and not because of compulsion.

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Always be that sweet, loving and caring girlfriend to him, Of course, the best thing that will be missed by guys are the extraordinary love and care that their girlfriends are giving them. If you really want your boyfriend to miss you deeply, then make him fall in love with you deeply. Always give him your tender loving care. Make him happy when he’s sad, be at his side when he needs support, nurse him when he’s sick, understand him when he makes mistakes, be faithful to him, and love him for who he really is. Use these clever ways to make your guy miss you and love you more. After all, if he truly loves you, he will miss you every single day.

During video call, stop being annoying and dramatic, make everything better for him, i know you want him to miss you but why making him feel uncomfortable each you call or text him, any single moment you have to chat or call him – make that moment sweet and beautiful. Once a man cool with you and realized can talk to you feeling better he will like to always want talk to you because he’s missing you. Stop being a drama queen, it won’t take you and your relationship anywhere.

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Sometimes remind him those moments you discovered he was so happy and crazy, remind him those fun’s you catch with him – those moments you know he really love about you. Be calculative and remind him those beautiful crazy moments, when you are reminding him those moments use that moment to tell him how much you love him and how much you miss him, wash his brain with sweet talks, those talks remain in his heart, am a man writing this article, I know what talking about – code him and he will always miss you. Remember too much of everything is bad, don’t over do it.

Use outside talk trick on him, if you know his closest friends and family members always tell them when they asked of him how you miss him so much, if possible lie join it.. Hahahaha.
Men love gossip – one of his male friends will surely tell him how you badly missing and loving him, when a man who truly love you start hearing such from friends and family such normally melt his heart if he loves you unconditionally.

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