8 Ways To Save Your Distance Relationship

Distance Relationship is not easy to handle, not everyone ready for the challenges of not seeing their lover but being in a distance relationship can help you grow.
A lot of relationships can be saved easily. As with many aspects of life, you need to exercise patience and tread carefully. Long distance relationships always present new challenges, but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome them.

1. One of the main reasons a long distance relationship may fail is a lack of compromise. Are you the one always going to see them? Or is it the other way around? How would you like that to change? If there are strains, address whether your visits are coming with the right balance. Realistically, if you want this relationship to last, you’re both going to have to compromise on where you live in the future anyway.

2. Show them that you are willing to wait because they’re worth it. Make them feel loved especially if you’re going through a tough time. There will always be challenges that will test your love for each other and the only thing that you have to do is to hold on and wait for the storm to pass. At least you know that after it’s all over, you didn’t give up and you’re still there, holding each other’s hands. Show them that you’ll wait for them and you’ll be strong to overcome every obstacle that comes your way.

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3. Not everyone survives a long distance relationship not because they’re not in love but simply because they cannot accept the changes that come with it. If you think you’re one of the couples who think that things should still be the same even if you’re miles away from each other, then prepare to be disappointed.
In a long distance relationship, you have to make adjustments. Be reminded that your partner’s life will no longer revolve around you no matter how much they want it to. They have to go to work/school, to socialize or just to live a normal life without the restrictions and inhibitions set by a possessive and overprotective partner.

4. There may come a time when you need to sacrifice something. If you are experiencing problems, do you need to sacrifice something to make it work? Sacrificing is different to compromising, because you are going to give something up. If your other half seems down, ask him or her why that is. There may be something they need you to give up to feel secure. Tread carefully here, there is no point in making yourself miserable.

5. Keep up to your commitments. If you promise something to each other- start immediately, and keep in mind that we receive what we give. Show them that they make you happy, strong, and confident and vice versa. Be their supporting pillar, not the discouraging power.

6. Always apply – no silent treatment – policy. Silence is the worst thing you could possibly do to your relationship and long distance lover. The truth is, all of us tend to get into dark fantasies if we are worried about something (even if we deny it ). Silence over distance will only get your partner worried AND make them question if you already on your way out.

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7. The fact that it is easier to be deceitful in a long distance relationship makes trust even more important. You can drive yourself crazy wondering what the other person is doing and who they are doing it with if you don’t trust them. This may cause you to be angry for no reason, or to text or call them constantly because you are insecure. If you have issues trusting your significant other, ask yourself why. If it is because people have betrayed you in the past, you will have to learn to move on from it. If it is something your significant other has done to break your trust, you have two choices. Either forgive them and move on, or forget them and move on.

8. Tips for married people – Well, nobody helps you better than you do it on your own. Have a big discussion with your partner and clarify your plans for the future. Get used to new forms of s e x. Phone s e x, online s e x, sexting – these techniques are intended for people who wish to maintain the connection regardless of how rarely they meet live. This is what can at least slow your breakup down.

Make your interaction transparent. Be honest about your intentions and your aims and urge your beloved one to treat you equally. This is probably one of the most critical long-distance relationship tips. When both lovers are sincere, it is much easier to handle problematic situations that inevitably occur.

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How about trust? This is not something granted from above. Your task is to work on building the mutual trust step by step in order to exclude any possibility of cheating and deception. If you aren’t ready for commitment, let your partner know it and prepare for changes.

Take part in each other’s lives. Involve your lover in your daily routine and let him/her do the same to you. Try to share your experiences, hobbies, and interests as often as possible. This is what brings you two closer and gives you a chance for happy joint existence.

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